Thursday, October 20, 2005


The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters from Los Caprichos, 1799 by Francisco Goya, The Fitzwilliam Museum (and many others).

Los Caprichos was a series of prints Goya produced after he had become quite ill and eventually lost his hearing. It seems he let his imagination run wild and captured all of these unfettered thoughts in this group of etchings.


Blogger michele omiccioli said...

You'll never know the exact meaning of this enigma... 'el sueno de la razon..': el sueno? 'The sleep of reason', in the most famous version, ... or 'the dream of reason?'. Spanish word 'sueno' lives in this capital ambiguity.

Goya the enlighted painter, the illuministic artist could easily express this sentence: 'the sleep, the guilty absence of reason could cause monstruosities' ...

but if we'd explain as: the extreme use of reason, which will bring to new discoveries, new inventions... the atomic bomb, the precise calcule that create a new threat.. I think this version is accettable, too, and perhaps more subtle and precise...

(PS: the english language I used above is quite semplicistic and maybe not grammatical... I'm sorry)

8:17 AM  
Blogger Chris said...

The interpretation I bring to this painting is the Cartesian one that all our senses could be just illusiory but our carefully sharpened powers of logic and reason cannot lie to us?

5:12 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

The interpretation I bring to this piece is that in the Cartesian way all our senses could be fictitious but that our powers of reason and logic can be relied upon.

5:14 PM  

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