Thursday, July 05, 2007

Less Menacing

View From Satta Suruga, 1858 by Ando Hiroshige, Victoria and Albert Museum.

Hiroshige is the other famous name in Ukiyo-e printmaking. Younger than Hokusai, his work quickly became just as popular. His style is very appealing to a broad range of people while Hokusai liked to portray similar images with a slight edge to them.


Blogger Speechless said...

That wave almost breaking the frame of the picture, what a delight! The energy of the wave, and then the balancing if with the birds, all suggesting the dynamic uality of things being free and formed at the same time. What a terrific picture. Thanks for sharing it here!

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Don MacDonald said...

"Hiroshige is the other famous name in Ukiyo-e printmaking"

And who is Utamaro? Chopped liver? ;-)

Actually, I'd say the big four are Hiroshige, Hokusai, Utamaro, and Sharaku.

10:53 AM  
Blogger koOky freD..* said...

I have a diary with a famous Ando Hiroshige painting on the cover and i always notice those little blocks of japanese print in the top right-hand corner and the bottom left..what are these?? Anyway, i think his paintings are beautiful. i truly admire Japanese art.

7:02 AM  
Blogger Martha said...

They are signatures for the artist and the publisher. They could also contain the title of the work, and possibly the title of the series.

Here is a link to more information:

I agree they are beautiful. When you are looking at them be sure and look top to bottom as well as from side to side. In Western art we tend to focus on the horizon line.

8:15 AM  

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