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Girl in a White Kimono (Geesje Kwok), 1894 by George Breitner, Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam.

As an example of the influence of Japan in Europe at this time, the young girl wears a kimono in front of a floral screen. Van Gogh was fascinated with Japanese art and culture and was a contemporary (if not necessarily an admired one) of Breitner.


Blogger David said...

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Blogger David said...

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In this Monet painting, his wife, Camille, shows how trendy she is by modeling a kimono in front of a large collection of fans...18 years before this painting by Breitner (but still 9 years after the Japanese Pavilion at the World Exposition in Paris)

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Blogger irina said...

Monet was the painter I thought about too immediately...
In his house near Paris, at Giverny, he had Japanese stamps everywhere on the walls. They can still be admired by the visitors.

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Blogger Sita said...

I especially like this art nouveau painting, it's a perfect example of the japanese influence: the clothes, the carpets and the divider. Breitner painted seven of these girls in kimono. It's really beautiful!

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