Friday, July 07, 2006

Something Familiar

According to this blog, (Bartholomew's notes on religion) another blog, Stop The ACLU published the name and address and phone number of a Jewish family that was suing over excessive proselytising in their school. Eventually, the family had to leave town. The STACLU director's reaction? "...I am pleased that we had an effect in this case." He declines to call it a pogrom, however. The important thing is apparently that whatever the ACLU is for, they are against. Even if the posting had no effect whatever on the family, I am not sure I like the idea that by publishing personal contact information you are adding anything to the debate, as opposed to leaving open a way for folks to get harassed. Public humiliation used to be a favoured punishment in Europe in the Dark Ages, and it's not something I am eager to see return.


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