Tuesday, December 06, 2005

God fearing candidates in Ohio

Jim Petro, the current Attorney General of Ohio (must be why we're so corruption-free, fear of him) had an interesting campaign ad. He's running for Governor, and apparently thinks he has to outdo Ken Blackwell, who's running a campaign dipped in religiosity like peeps dipped in food coloring. Petro's ad, not available online so far as I can tell, features a long, slow pan over a "Holy Bible", while Petro voices-over about how pro-life he is. Now you could take this to be an ultracynical ploy to get right-wing religious fundamentalists into his camp, assuming they have one and only one issue to vote on. Because everytihng else in Ohio is going so peach-keen. I for one do not assume that either candidate is likely to institute religious morality police to patrol the streets - despite how well that works in democracies like Saudi Arabia - but for me to think this way entails viewing what the politicians say cynically. II say this with an understanding that no atheist candidate would ever be elected Governor. But I wonder if those who are religious are charmed by these campaigns, or see them as a way by the candidates to box you into voting for them as the only Godly choice.


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