Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Tables that p--, Crime, and Genocide

Randomly wandering mind of mine post...

gnotalex of the blog québécois has some pictures of furniture that appear to be relieving itself. No, really.

This may be a bit rhetorical, can a notorious murder really be called a "classic"? Do people refer to genocides as classic, as in "the murder of untold thousands of Armenians - boy that was a classic"?

In that same thought line, I just finished A Problem from Hell: America in the Age of Genocide by Samantha Powers. It's a terrifying book. The terror is not so much in the actions of the genocidal, but in the bland indifference by the so-call free people's of the world. Not only would many governments, not just the US, refuse to stop the genocides in the face of evidence, they often refused to condemn it at all. items like US backing of the Khmer Rouge after they knew of the atrocities are just horrifying, but are a piece of 20th century history it would do well to keep in mind. Powers elucidates with scholarship, and reviews the very embarassing tales of polticos and others ignoring the worst possible crime humanity has.


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