Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Personal Snopes

Back in 1991, my college tried to convince me to shell out several hundred dollars for an "X Ring". One of their marketing wizards had been circulating - for years - a tale that this ring was the second "most recognizable" ring in the world. The tale continued that the most recognizable one was the Pope's ring. I might beg to differ, that these days the average person wouldn't recognize the Pope's ring even if it was being bitten off their hand by a small, feral creature with a speech impediment. The source of this is evidently someone (PDF link1 ) remembering seeing Alex Trebek mention the X-Ring preeminence amongst the host of recognizable rings as a bon mot tossed lightly aside by the mustaschioed Canadian whilst hosting Jeopardy. Jeorpardy, of course, says they have never heard this before when contacted by the plucky editors of my school's alumni Mag, aforelinked. Unconfirmed and very likely the result of too many blows to the head, the story is part of my person collection of Snopes. This tale has never failed to elicit laughter from M_. I wonder though, if the power of the Internet would allow mye to find my ring. It joined the ranks of many Shelly Long sitcoms by being lost somewhere between Lockeport, NS and Cleveland OH, in October 1998.

1 I wish the editors of the website would pick a permalink format for issues, rather than just shoving it into a "current" folder. I think remedial library training would be a good start for some webmasters. Perhaps M_'s pal Y_ (from Texas) could do the job, as she has a mastery of all thing library-ish.


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