Friday, May 06, 2005

Chewing the Scene-ery

So one of the two "local" weeklies, Cleveland Scene takes a few passing shots at blogs in it's gossip column this week. They seem to want to dismiss them as irrelevant and consist of uninteresting writing. They even picked on a brand new blog by Adam of Organic Mechanic called Tremonter - named for a hip neighbourhood on the West side of Cleveland.

Now a cynic might wonder why a newsweekly is bothering to harangue a blog. Could it be they fear that their weekly paper could be outpaced by blogs updates several times a day? Could they worry that reviews of restaurants and hangout news about Tremont would mean people can read it all online? Because of it's small article format, it can cover with far more granularity than they can? Or could it be that Tremonter and many other blogs run without giant ads for hand-job joints in Warren in between pity articles on Tremont eateries? Could it be that ad-free web sites might be a place people turn for info on local places, people, and thought before Cleveland Scene? Could it be when people think of how this magazine’s corporate upper levels decided to cut a deal to eliminate the previous incarnation of the Free times here in town, that they are not so much what you would call truly local? At least they seem to have removed the absolutely pointless and constant Free Times bashing they had in the gossip column when their competitor re-emerged.

The aforementioned Scene article also took shots at Shannon of
Shannon, from, lamented about a friend who sent her father to buy Good Charlotte tickets, only to discover he accidentally picked up Green Day tickets instead.

This just in: Green Day is so two months ago.
This just in, Cleveland Scene, you're covering Green Day in the same issue as this bitchy column. This just in as well: bitching about blogs is so two years ago.


At 11:33 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just did a search on my blog name and found your post. I found it rather funny that Scene actually bothered to look at my blog let alone slam it. They didn't even bother to read my post which said I took my TEENAGER to both the Green Day and Good Charlotte shows. Ho hum, I never read Scene anyway.. nothing good there.

Shannon from


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