Friday, April 01, 2005

Once more into the breach

Is it just me or does all the rhetoric surround the Schiavo case stir some memories? I recall in the mid-90's how many, usually conservative pundits and lawmakers casually threw around the idea that the federal government was the enemy of the people's will. I am sure they meant nothing sinister by it - they were merely playing to what they saw as a group of potential voters - angry, disaffected men with anti-government leanings. This overblown talk had it's wind sucked out by the Oklahoma City bombing, done by men whose ideas was not far off from the angry blasts from radio talk shows and politicians hoping to suck in the audiences of said shows. This time around, it's Mr. DeLay saying "the time will come" for those disagreeing with him. Once again, I am certain he means nothing sinister by it, he'd just like everyone's familial battles over life and death played on the public stage (except for his, naturally). he's hoping to swing right-to-lifer's to be more loyal to him and his fellow Republicans. Some (may need to watch an ad to see this link) who claim it's not "religious zealotry" that drives the lawmakers to their actions are only half right. I have no doubt they do not actually hold the beliefs of the people they are pandering to with much seriousness at all. I am just hoping we don't have another wake up call for those throwing around such inflammatory rhetoric. And with that, I'd like to pull the feeding tube on the whole topic for myself.


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