Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Happy Non-Secretary Day

Ever sinceAdam at Organic Mechanic posted a link to her, M_'s blog Your Daily Art has gotten about as half many hits in one week as I have gotten since 2003 (!) Thanks

My laugh out loud quote of the day is from Jen at Very Big Blog:
...don't do a Google Image search for "big toe" - GAH!

George over at Brewed Fresh Daily is onto something on how writing down ideas in a group can be beneficial. Basically, that those writing their ideas down in a shared way get 40% more done than meeting face to face. I think people just pay more attention when they read than when they listen. Imagine the thought-stream of someone listening at a meeting...blah, blah, blah, how can he wear a dress shirt hanging out over his pants like that? I wouldn't hire him to mow my lawn but I have to listen to his PowerPoint presentation...I wonder when the lunch truck will get here...

Michele over at a small victory is excited about Secretary's Day. I have a job that has no day named after it, so I must weep bitterly, mingling tears with the melting snow of spring.

Avedon Carol of The Sideshow is watching the Republicans in case they decide to boil some frogs. Believe, me, if they were an endangered species, they'd be boiling right now. So far I've noticed some counter the argument that the government not only lacks competence but sense with the line that John Kerry "looks French". Well, that's all I need to know, since I don't Hate America (tm). Unless you hate it too, don't read Avedon every day to keep an eye on the politics in the US from an intelligent UK perspective.

Speaking of boiling, Ladygoat's blog, Foodgoat, is burning, but she seems rather please about it. Holy appetizers, there's a lot of food blogging going on...I have not posted much on food because of a story with which M_ is familiar. I had gone on a salad-for-lunch diet, and decided to buy ready-made salads in advance. I bought a week's worth, and was worried they might spoil. So, of course, I stored the salads in my freezer. 'Nuff said

Lastly, Lynn at Reflections in d minor is thinking of other effects besides the debunked Mozart effect. How about the Mingus Effect? After listening to his music, your child is filled with an urge to blast holes in apartment walls with a shotgun, then write a letter to Downbeat?


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