Thursday, March 03, 2005

The way to hype a bust is not

What's notable about this WKYC TV story on a man being arrested in Chagrin falls? The recurring phrase "unregistered weapons". Note the first two grafs:
A Chagrin Falls man is in jail Wednesday night, after police found, among other things, an arsenal of unregistered weapons and hundreds of rounds of ammunition in his truck.

One gun found is an M-15 - another is a 12-gauge shotgun - both, police say, are un-registered. A .45 found was unregistered too.
You would think being unregistered is a serious crime. What doesn't the article mention, at all? There is no requirement to register weapons here in Ohio. It's not a crime. Not till near the end do they say that he's only being charged with carrying a concealed weapon (without a permit) and having drug paraphernalia. What’s annoying is they seem to be repeating irrelevant information, like that his has camouflage gear, and - they claim - hundreds of rounds of ammunition. However, the suspect said he was going to target shooting that day, so I'm curious as to where but his truck he would keep it before going. Unless they would like those carrying any ammunition at all in our cars to have a warning agent stand in front of the vehicle, firing off red flares every fifty feet. Yes, I know the reporter is just trying to drum up the idea that this guy was a wannabe mass murderer - not supported by any of the evidence reported in the story. But who cares what's legal, or who's really a mass murderer in waiting - the important thing is to warn the local hair salons.


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