Tuesday, March 29, 2005


Inspired by Lynn from Reflections in d Minor, who found a neat blog on overheard conversations, I was thinking of some things I have heard, some anonymously, some from people I know.

"I got so tired of seeing all these drunk fools around, I decided to go drink in the bar."
- Anonymous on the bus

"You probably never saw Scary Movie. You probably only go to see real fancy movies, like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"
- Anonymous II on train.

"If you watch this movie, Super Size Me, it shows eating at McDonald's all the time is real bad for you."
- Anyomous III, who had to see this in a film before realizing it

"...that woman's been dead for 15 years already. Why they got to get all up in her business?"
- Anonymous IV, asking a good question

"It sounds just like a real train!"
- Anonymous V, watching a real train go by. Really.

"Never leave a paper trail."
- INS agent, who thought I couldn't hear him.

"I don't see why I need to take English just to get graduated from college."
- CompSci student, bemoaning his plight

"The best food can be made with just ground beef and ice cubes."
- Erstwhile cook at party, mystifyingly

"Does this train go any further West?"
- Anonymous VI, standing beside the end of the westbound tracks.

and lastly, my personal favourite:

"She suffers from a dehabilitating illness."
- Emily


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