Wednesday, March 30, 2005

One step above I'm-rubber-You're-Glue arguments

Avedon Carol makes note of what may be the use of Secret Service agents to eject people from a taxpayer funded event, ostensibly because of their anti-administration bumper stickers. This, I think, is merely an exaggerated symptom of an attempt to remove cognitive dissonance. We already know President Bush does not like to read bad news, or news that contradicts his personal philosophies. He apparently doesn't want people who might espouse views not welcome inside his head at his appearances, either.

If this works, then I may have a plan for a new diet. If I attempt to eat cookies after 8 PM, and my wife starts explaining to me this is not a good idea, I could have some agents of mine remove her from the room, thus improving my perception of the nutritional impact of said snacks. Alas, the effect on my spousal approval rating would be severely diminished. Perhaps the administration position of removing offending papers and persons from sight is not such a wise course after all. I could adopt the position I have seen on the blogosphere to unwelcome news. If negative comments are cast on my late-night cookie devouring, I could dismiss the story as a "kerfuffle", a "non-story", or a "media boomlet".


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