Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Local media bashing, Old and New Cleveland

News Channel 3 here in Cleveland, which implied that the only use of blogs was as pedophile fodder, comes out with another hard-hitting story on this new thing called the Internet - people are apparently using acronyms on it now. If you want cutting-edge news, clearly you should dial your TV to 3 and weld it in place. I can't remember hearing about acronyms on the Internet since 1987, so I'm glad Channel 3 is bring us up to speed here. My favourite quote is one that speaks for itself:
Parents do you shutter at these terms?

This article seems to be pointless Cleveland Bashing: a profile what they termed the old and new Clevelander, then I stand corrected.. You can stil summarize it as:

- more skinny people
- use more credit cards (just in time for the revised Bankruptcy laws, I suppose)
- be rich.
- be semi-offended at the Cleveland Indian's logo, Chief Wahoo, but still support the team.
- eat celery. No really, that's what they wrote.

What books we should read are also mentioned, but the same book - a self-help piece of junk - is mentioned three times. I agree if Clevelanders are only reading one book that would be a bad thing, except in the article that's what the "future" Clevelander is doing. Tens of thousands of semi-rich, semi-literate celery chewing pilates students are said to be streaming here from west coast environs ever since this article hit the newstand.


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