Saturday, February 19, 2005

NEOhio Bloggers smush local news

This tale I hesitate to say it was told by an idiot, only because I'll begin to sound like a one man local news hating band - is every cliche you can imagine about blogging. Or, as they inexplicably call it "blogging sites". If all you know about blogs came from this story you'd learn that:

1. Blogs are all just used by pedohiles
2. They provide a "roadmap" to your child's heart.
3. Take away the kids's computer and give them a pen and paper
4. Put the computer in the middle of the living room. Not sure how this jibes with point #3.
5. Make sure you still have room to see the tv to get all of your parenting tips from the local news.

It's such a tiresome tale that it just wears me out. I'm glad the blogsphere has people to cut such drivel down to size such as the able Will Kessel at Collision Bend here, Shannon at Bitter Girl here, and George wraps up the coverage here and here with the newsguys's reply, which is, needless to say, "Think of the children!".


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