Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Dumb Ideas - a new Cleveland tradition?

Notice anything stirring in the Graveyards of Cleveland in the dead of night? Could it be vampires are on the rise from their earthen and stone tombs? Nothing so nice. The convention center meme is still going strong in the area…it’s an idea just too awful to die, no matter how often we may stake it through it’s unbeating heart. I probably should be polite, but in the face of unwavering stupidity, it's doubtful it would make a difference at this point. The idiots who spend the tax money of residents of Cuyahoga county are now planning where exactly the new convention center should be, or if we should creep up on spending half a billion on renovating the old one. I'm beginning to grow weary of mentioning what a pointless endeavour this is, I've mentioned it before. The short version is that business interests and mind-free public officials want to spend our tax money building a convention center, when as pointed out in the aforelinked article; they are a losing endeavour in the US for the cities that build them. As the always insightful, long-time Cleveland writer Roldo Bartimole points out (link via CPC Weblog) , it not only means we're throwing our bucks into the dead zone, but it's wasting resources we can scarcely afford to...
Can we expect Mayor Jane Campbell, as she seeks reelection, to be responsible and tell the community that it must once again vote for a school issue? Can we expect candidate Frank Jackson to give the schools more than political lip service?

Naw, both of them will play political games. Cleveland residents will be voting in May for a new convention center. Forget the schools.

After all, look at the jobs produced by Gateway. (Laugh now.) How can we pass up another such attraction that produces highly paid jobs? Right, John Ryan. Right, Plain Dealer. Right, Mayor Campbell. Right, Commissioner Hagan.

Gateway’s continued costs predict what building a new convention center will mean from the people who always enjoy sending the bills to someone else. You, the taxpayer.
Perhaps the spending of our dough on worthless projects meme is so terrible, that is must be repeated over and over, til Cleveland stands empty of all people, perhaps with a an etching in stone over the archway to the newest bestest convention center saying "Behold my works, ye mighty, and despair".


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