Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Cleveland TV News - all the mythology that's fit to broadcast

Every time I think the local TV news here in Cleveland cannot get more shallow, they manage to take sponges to what bits of moisture remain in the pool . What's missing from this Cleveland channel 5 story on so-called "faith-healing"?
For more than a decade now, a band of healers including a priest, nun and a lay couple come together to pray for the purpose of restoring sick people back to good health, Henry reported. The healings usually take place in catholic churches, but people of all faiths are welcome.
What's missing is a single, solitary, scientific viewpoint. What's this science thing I hear tell of, I can imagine reporter Ted Henry asking...and what has it done for us? Insulin? Antibiotics? Electricity? Bah, nothing compared with faith-healing and inquisitions, I suppose. To counter the utter credulousness of the aforementioned article, you could always look here on the Skeptic's Dictionary by Bob Carroll for more actual information. But information and facts, have nothing to do with the news in this burg.


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