Friday, June 18, 2004

Jazz in Cleveland

Barbara Payne listens to some healthy Jazz - namely, the Robert Ocasio Latin Jazz Project. There are few better ways to spend sultry summer nights than listening to Jazz, as Barbara points out. The other weekend I was at The Cleveland Bop Stop, a beautiful club on the near west Side, with a nice sunset view of Lake Erie. Dominic Farinacci led a quintet on trumpet through some jazz standards, there was very nice interplay with the group with a very energetic Jackie Warren on the keys. Dominic is a very skilled player, with imagination and playfulness that brings life out of the well-known standards. For one so young - or is that that I'm so old - he really holds the center of the group. Not to mention if you haven't seen this club, it's basically built for listeners. On the menu, the Brie En Croute for Two makes it a truly civilized evening.


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