Tuesday, June 01, 2004

I'm your private screener, a screener for money, do what ya want me to do...

Looks like they may re-privatize airport screeners in the US in November
The law creating TSA gave airports the choice of returning to privately employed screeners to check passengers and bags as of Nov. 19.
An estimated 100 airports, out of 445 with TSA screeners, already have expressed interest in taking advantage of that option this fall.
Some think that would be better for fliers. Kevin Mitchell, chairman of the Business Travel Coalition, expects contractors to put 'more focus on customer service and civility.'
I hate to suggest interfering in free markets, but a return to the days of having our lives protected by the lowest bidder is not, in my mind, the best plan. Airplane security does not affect just people on the planes either; as we know all too well. I suppose they think that by "reducing the size of government" will automatically generate benefits to us all. But if the minimum wagers they get screening the airports let through more terrorists, the economic impact will be severe, even ignoring the potential human cost. Some things are important enough that society must look after it directly, and I think airplanes are one of those areas calling for a solution not dictated by cost alone.


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