Monday, June 21, 2004

Canadian health care

Canada, I think, gets health care mostly right. It's one of the few things that makes M_ consider moving there from time to time. It comes indirectly under a bit of fire from Canadians are Smug. A local (to the writer) candidate for the left-wing NDP is a doctor, and S.C. says of him:
Mr. Guyatt instead writes self-interested articles in that paper defending the socialized healthcare and education system that has personally benefitted him to a great extent
I'm not so sure that socialized medicine has given great benefits to doctors in Canada in general, though I do not know this doctor in particular. If that were so, why then would many go to the US? If instead the argument is that socialized medicine keeps doctors, who would otherwise have to find other employment, in cushy jobs I'm not so sure of that either. From what I read, doctors are in short supply. If he is saying that Dr. Guyatt is self-interested in socialized medicine because he's a socialist, I find this may be true but not particularly informative. I might level similar attacks against politicians who want to inject religion into public life because they are religious, but an attack on them simply because they are religious and I am not is not much of an argument, though it would illustrate what I think.


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