Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Biased movies

In light of the...ehm...."biased" film "The Day After tomorrow" it's only fair to think of what other films are biased and inaccurate:

Red Dawn - In retrospect, Cuban/Nicaraguan/Russian invasion of mainland US not too likely

Escape from New York - Even in 1988, NY was not quite that bad. Except for the hair.

Better off Dead - Most teens do not have this many unsuccessful suicide attempts, and many are far less funny than portrayed in this film.

E.T. - It's unlikely that aliens have visited us. The odds of them liking chocolate are even slimmer.

Brewster's Millions - A few jumbo jet plane rentals would have solved his dilemma.

Sneakers - A computer expert doubts a woman's story that she was matched by a computer dating service to a man, because it wouldn't make that much of a mismatch? HA!

Troy - To be realistic, movie should have been 10 years long.

Dogma - The Catholic Church is not replacing Crucifixes with "Buddy Christ".

The World According to Garp - No person with the senses of sight or hearing could possibly, even for a second, mistake John Lithgow for a woman.

Roger & Me - Far fewer people than you think selling rabbits for Pets or Meat in Flint, MI.


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