Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Annotated BuckeyeRoll

So what the heck is all that stuff on the right hand side of the page, under "Blogrolls"? For those who haven't become immersed the world of blogs that sometimes becomes as acronym and catchphrase infested as any gaggle of dateless Dungeons and Dragons players, a "blogroll" is a list of other people's blogs that you either read, endorse, link to, or just wanted to have a giant list of, on your blog. Of course there are some people who should write blogs but do not, as far as I know...like Jack McHugh who wrote:
1730hrs: Brad and Jerry argue over the existence of God. Jerry reveals he's an atheist and Brad reveals he's God.
But I digress.

Some of the blogs on my list are so much more well known than mine that it's a bit like a Lilliputian taking Gulliver around to introduce him to everyone. So I'll stick to local blogs, some of which may not be as well known as the big guys. I'm one of the miniscule guys, obviously.

Let's take a short tour of my Ohio blogroll, in reverse alphabetical order. Why reverse? Because I envy those that start with "a"! After being placed in alphabetical seating in elementary school, I eventually joined the band. This led, many years later, to playing at endless graduation ceremonies where I learned two things. One, that every single speaker they hire is drier than a carving of burnt toast that has been sitting in the desert for a thousand years, only to have a passing tourist spill salt onto it as they attempt to season away the food they bought at the market but cannot identify. Two, that they still make people get their degrees in alphabetical order. So much for progress.

Anyway, the blogs. Looking over the list, I badly need to do a tour where I go visit the blogs and steal borrow some links from THEIR blogrolls, or, troll their comments for interesting people with blogs of their own. First, the Buckeyeroll, which is blogs from Ohio.

Centerville Jazz Band alum Steve writes zipsix.com who is a newly minted law talking guy (as Lionel Hutz might say> mostly blogging about life in general. I like his site design (having no skills in that area myself) although the dark blue letters on a slightly lighter blue background is a a little hard to read at times.

Redbeard joins us as The Whimsical Cynic.We have one thing in common - the sun is our enemy...
He noted
However, there was one slight problem ... the sun. And the fact that I'm a redhead.

One of my personal favourites is Very Big Blog, a very colourful site with tidbits from new Mac-gadgets, pop-culture, design, and net happenings, run by Jen who is happy to answer your questions. Often funny as you will find if you read it...

Small Business Trends is all business, with the occasional blog review. Anita Campbell and David Patterson run it mostly commenting on news items that could relate to businesses of all sizes.

I just started reading Six-Layer Kate, but I like it so far, except for the lack of permalinks. You have to like someone who wrote this sentence:
O Great Purveyor of Tadpoles, are you truly willing to go through the bother of phone calls and tadpole transport and a face-to-face meeting with a total stranger, all for the paltry sum of 15 cents? More importantly, will you take a check?

Chas Rich is giving us his Sardonic Views on sports, culture and politics. Excellent place to drop by for a dose of reality concerning Cleveland or politics beyond Cleveland as well. he sometimes get beaten up though...
I do hope the attempted headbutts to my jaw when I have to pick her up when she tries to run from us in the store or take something that she knows she shouldn't stops soon. Most of the time I am prepared and evade the shot, but she still lands a few.

Pixellation is one of those journal-type blogs, by Genevieve with a stream of consciousness feel at times.

Dawn Olsen's blog, 'Up Yours',is the musings of Dawn, who happens to be married to Eric Olsen, of Blogcritics fame. Right now it looks to be a bit idle though.

Sydney Smith at Medpundit gives a doctors-eye view of healthcare related issues - and is not afraid to offer some sarcastic commentary. In addition, the blog constantly has neat finds like libraries of heart sounds.

Life, Liberty, and Pursuit of Your Boyfriend is technically a lifestyle type blog. But it has more than the usual dose of attitudinal frenzy whilst sampling Cleveland night life. Ah, to be young.

Jum Kukral focuses on marketing and the net, He also wrote a book called 'Blogs to Riches'. John Etorre called him 'virus', but apparently as a compliment!

Jack Richutto writes at gassho, a blog with zen-style snippets on a regular basis. he also covers the local scene on various levels, concerned with communities and innovative thinking. Sample:
In zen meditation, there is a practice of seeing things just as they are, as just this - nothing more, nothing less. It's the practice of not over-estimating things or under-estimating things; seeing things in terms of their actual capabilities and limitations.

When seeing is clear, we suffer from no illusions, and having no illusions is the basis of peace and wisdom.

Foodgoat and Ladygoat post at their eponymous blog. Concentrating largely on food, but with a lot of variety on other topics, including their painting projects. I look forward to each new post here like another course at a fine, yet funky, bistro.

Filtering Craig is another stop when I am trying to get a feel for happenings in Cleveland, in the political sense. He also covers the local rock scene. A nice read despite his reservations about my homeland.

A local writer, Joe Clifford Faust gives an inside view ito his craft. from writing plays to working on his latest project, it's an interesting glimpse into the creative process. Though as with all writers, I sometimes fear for his sanity:
The twin goat brothers who are paragons of greed - everything is for and all about them

Working with Words is John Etorre's blog, and he covers politics, local and national, and always has some deep thinking about writing and writers as well.

Daily Dictum. Some random-style bloggage here, which does include some reactions to politics along with lines like: "Holding Out for a Hero is NOT a disco song.".

A new-ish blog to me is Creative Ink by Wendy Hoke. It's a kind of journal, but with much more completely thought out ideas and better written than the usual fair. As she says:
Creative Ink has really become more about the struggle between family and work. I didn't set out to write a mommy blog, but that is such a large part of my life that it profoundly impacts all that I do. Creative Ink is about journey, experiences, satisfying the soul and how to do all that while taking care of a family AND being true to yourself. It seems nearly impossible. And yet I find the struggle infinitely gratifying.

BugBlog tracks bugs so you don't have to - handy spot to check on the latest woe Microsoft has left our computers open to...

George Nemeth at Brewed Fresh Daily is the first Ohio blogger I read, and the first blogger I met. He's fascinated by the building of networks - the kind with people, not computers - and in my mind is a one-blog Ohio portal. This blog is a must-read every day if you are interested in the possibilities of connections. He also has a HUGE Ohio blogroll. It's great to steal from! Plus he loves coffee as if it were his child. His child that he grinds, boils and drinks.

Michael at Bald Rhetoric is follically, but not snarkily challenged.

Barbara Payne blogs at Angels and Frogs on a very wide variety of topics, including the uses of precious time
What IS good use of precious time?

Spent at least an hour dozing in bed thinking about how to help my latest client express her true voice. This is always a delicate operation. First I must have listened with all my senses to what the client tells me. Then I must search deep in my own knowledge and experience database for just the right connections. Once the right neural pathways click--when it feels right--the right words usually come into focus.

And that's just a small smattering of the Buckeyes out there but I haven't seen them all yet. . Like the man said, there may be many others but they haven't been discovered.


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