Wednesday, April 21, 2004


A letter writer (to the Cleveland PeeDee) opines that the logo for the Cleveland Indians baseball team, the always smiling 'Chief Wahoo', is not in fact offensive: "The reason Chief Wahoo is so popular is that most people find him cute and appealing". Maybe being defined as cute, as a race, is not so much a good thing. Broad swipes at assigning virtues or vices to whole swaths of people are always going to seem racist or at least very stupid. One site I found shows what other races might look like with this logo, such as Africans, Asians, etc. I think it's offensive, but I also think that since they are a private organization, they can call their team whatever they wish. The Team itself is not advocating we distribute poisoned blankets to Native Americans, so I don't think they can be tarred as inciting hate. Since they are a private organization, I also think the city should not have built them a stadium for dubious economic benefits, but that's another quiver of arrows. Bottom line is I'm going to a game on May 28th with my dad, visiting from Nova Scotia.

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