Wednesday, April 21, 2004

Kill X

Some ideas are so obvious I wonder why no one has thought of them yet. On the one hand, you have Mel "Dystopia with Dune Buggies" Gibson who had a hit movie with the Passion of the Christ. Then there’s my pal Quentin Tarantino, whose Kill Bill Series I was enjoying last night. Bear in mind that seemingly odd combinations sometimes make the most entertaining ideas, like Aliens versus Predator, chocolate and peanut butter, Fox and news. The obvious combination of these two films would be titled ‘Kill Christ’. Surely those Islamic countries who might otherwise be offended by the very daring and unveiled Uma Thurman as the Bride would be heartened if she turned out to be a Jew. The only two questions in my mind, such as it is, is what would Jesus use for a cool weapon (cross is too bulky) and what 70’s retro music would accompany his appearance.


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