Friday, April 02, 2004

Feeling safer? Maybe not

Jen gets poked at the airport for no readily apparent reason. Then this:
When they jabbed it in my crotch, and I mean IN, I got a little testy with them. I admit it. But they never once even offered a sympathetic word or glance. They just growled and kept poking me.

Growling, I started to pull my skirt up to just above the knee thinking it would help. Immediately I'm rushed like I'm trying to whip out a gun.

"No one wants to see that ma'am! Do you want us to pull you into a private room for a full check?" she clearly threatened snarling at me. "Do you want that?"
That's right folks, the searching is not used to stop terrorists, but to intimidate law abiding citizens. Or at least that's how the security people see it. My wife has gotten used to carefully not wearing any bras with wires in them as they attract a lot of attention from the guards at the airport as well. It's less than three years since the event, and already they've forgotten why we want better airport security. This story would be funny in one of those ironic, isn't the world screwed up ways, but for the fact that I, my wife, and my family will need to fly, and getting killed by terrorists? We're pretty much opposed to it. I wish I had more confidence in the security apparatus, but so far, it looks lousy.


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