Sunday, April 04, 2004


If you type the word Jew into Google right now, the first hit is a hate-filled site. This is probably not the best place for people looking for information on those whom the film 'The Life of Brian' called Red Sea pedestrians. For some this might serve as a definition if they looked no deeper. I know I get hits from sites looking for info on the poem this site is named after, and there's nary a poetical word spoken here. If I wasn't so damned atheistic, and descended from Irish, I would do my darndest to be a Jew. Think of all the fringe get a secret badge to be in the world wide conspiracy...which is so successful that Jews have been harassed and killed on levels almost beyond compare for a few thousand years. Michele might then include me in her song parodies. Plus there's something to do with bagels and understanding of Judaism is woefully gentile. Anyway, if enough bloggers link to the word Jew we might cause a Google shift, and that's a good thing.

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