Sunday, April 04, 2004

Dance in Cleveland

Our friends D_ and F_ took us out for an evening of modern dance at Case Western, and although we don't know much about modern dance it was invigorating. Most of the numbers featured Paloma McGregor, who is a Master of Fine Arts Candidate, and has more coordination and sinewy strength than I will ever possess, needless to say. Many of the numbers seems to be in a postmodern school, though honestly I know very little of terminology in the world of dance. I just have a vague awareness that Martha Graham was an innovator...We liked "January ThiryFirst" which featured Paloma and Richard Dickinson. Many of the movements were slow and stylized, and even without a "vocabulary" of dance in one's knowledge, you could not help but be transfixed. It was like watching a living painting where the dancers were both artist and cavas. M_ and D_ especially like the costumes in a number called 'By Definition'. If you live in the Cleveland area, they have these types of events a lot (as per the link above) and even as a neophyte, I say I'd like to attend again.

Also on the Case Campus is a restaurant that used to be called 'That Place on Bellflower', now just titled 'Flowers'. The Rosemary chicken was a welcome visitor to my palate, and the asparagus and potatoes were nicely done as well. It's a bit pricey but a great place to go after an evening of what used to be called high culture.

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