Monday, April 19, 2004

Blue Moon

Andy Sullivan says the gas tax is too low. It's not reflecting the real costs to obtain the product and it's impact on the environment. Lileks (linked in Andy's article) says (ironically) "driving your child to school and using fuels sold at market rate is immoral. If not gratuitously cruel and merciless." When I drove to work, I noticed that virtually every car had one driver. Whatever the confluence of policies or carmaker PAC's that brought us to this point, it is inarguably extremely inefficient. To be cold blooded about it, that which is inefficient tends to fail sooner. I don't think a little effort in reducing gas usage is such a bad thing. Is a tax too regressive a tool to do this? Perhaps, though I'd like to see more support of public transit. But the government only has so many arrows it can shoot, and taxes are one of them. Lileks defense seems to be that DC would spend the money wastefully, but this seems to be to be addressing a completely different problem, while ignoring the first.

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