Sunday, November 09, 2003

Once again, zero tolerance equals zero intelligence.They're expelling a seventh grader for....drug dealing? Murder? Assault? Cursing? Burning the flag? Nope - something much worse - doodling.

"Under the district's 'zero-tolerance' policy, it really doesn't matter, spokesman Greg Viebranz said.
'When you see anything or hear anything that reflects violent images or violent statements - whether or not it's a direct threat, whether or not there may be intent - zero tolerance states that action has to be taken against the student,' Viebranz said
The zero tolerance policies that have taken hold of the nations schools are an excuse that brainless, spineless cowards in the administrative portion of education have taken to like rats to a maze. Instead of deciding anything about student behaviour on say, the student behaviour and circumstances surrounding it, they want a form telling them what to do...More and more I wonder if we're facing a future of worm like bureaucrats who get their decisions from procedures and not thought


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